Many say that crises are great opportunities. We at Lumina agree with this thought. At this moment in COVID-19, we understand that it can bring two opportunities.

The first is the chance to contribute to global society. It can be engaging in something big: like different donation projects, joint actions with other companies or even in the community where you are inserted. In the neighborhood or in the city, helping small businesses and professionals. There are many fronts and you can always do something.

We believe that the moment calls for a more humane look from companies and people.

The second opportunity is to reframe the communication strategies and the sales process.

This is a delicate moment, and the tone must be aligned with the moment that we all live in. People are stunned, companies even with a focus on their business may be lost in which direction to go. That is why it is worth rethinking how our ads, very sellers, can reach the eyes of those who are weak at the moment. Sales need to continue to happen, but less coldly than before.

You can always think and do more. Find empathy and compassion, since we are all in the same boat. The subject may have already exhausted the possibilities in all networks and also on TV and in the newspapers, but here we add the chorus of: you can be different, you can be more human.



Lumina offers food grade calcium chloride imported from India

Lumina offers food grade calcium chloride imported from India

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