A day that deserves our respect

After more than 100 years, the association of vegetable oils with alcohol, in a chemical process known as transesterification, COULD make the new fuel of renewable origin viable: Biodiesel.

A Renewable and clean fuel that does not harm the environment and has important social and economic functions for Brazil and the world!

PROVIDES Sustainable development and social inclusion – a strong demonstration of this, happens in the southern region of Brazil where 40% of the grains used for the production of biodiesel come from family farming, assisting approximately 75 thousand families every year.

In addition to being very economically attractive, biodiesel is:
AN Environmental quality vector;
Emits 98% less CO2 than oil, it is not toxic, it is a hundred times more biodegradable than ordinary diesel oil.
It contributes to the reduction of the greenhouse effect.
It enables the use of carbon credits linked to the clean development mechanism, resulting from the Kyoto Protocol, and the use of unsuitable land for food production.

In Brazil, the creation of the National Biodiesel Production and Use Program (PNPB), in 2004, marks the beginning of biodiesel production and use in the country.

Lumina congratulates all Brazilian Biodiesel producers and is proud to be part of this journey, from the beginning of the Biodiesel project in Brazil to the present, exporting Glycerin (a by-product of Biodiesel production).



Lumina offers food grade calcium chloride imported from India

Lumina offers food grade calcium chloride imported from India

More than a facilitator, Lumina is a partner committed to bringing new business opportunities in the long term. Among the imported products it sells is premium food grade calcium chloride, with 94% purity, from Grasim Industries Limited, that is part of Aditya Birla...

let’s do it together

let’s do it together

In this moment of global crisis motivated by the pandemic of COVID 19, we are in daily contact with people from all over the world and we are touched by the way it has affected everyone, not only in health, but economically, emotionally and in so many other fronts!...