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Long term relationships
Healthy business

We want to be more than business partners, we want to understand and help to overcome barriers by customizing our solutions, through the unique perspective of each company.

It’s not just about doing good business, it’s about being committed to the truth, to the results of our customers and suppliers. It’s about sharing values, celebrating achievements and supporting in the difficulties, establishing ethical and trusting relationships with those who make our business to happen.

It is about embracing the daily opportunities to connect with people of different characteristics, cultures, time zones, being aware that we are all equally human beings.

Commitment, competence, transparency and focus on solution are the main characteristics of our team, which does not rest until the prompt delivery of the expected results.

We are Lumina!
We share transparency to strengthen relationships!

Lumina happen

We thought, from the beginning, of a team that was able to bring in its essence the diversity of ideas and thoughts, competence to build lasting results and the ability to go a long way side by side. We believe that this combination of factors is what allows us to be in this market with solidity and recognition for over 10 years.

Carlos Diniz
Business Manager

Responsible for exports, he takes care of taking Brazilian companies and products worldwide. He loves healthy competition and challenging his limits.

Letícia Lima
Analyst Foreign Trade

She is the one who takes care of our relationship with customers. Passionate about yoga, she uses her flexibility to deal with different types of cultures and needs.

Vilas Boas
Managing Director

Creator of the Lumina brand and responsible for our successful trajectory. Apart from being a focused marathon runner, she is also the mind and heart ahead of everything, running the company in a light but serious way.

Adriana Florindo
Business Manager

She takes care of our customers, as well as takes great care of her family. She is an expert in international negotiations.

Gerson Crisci
Business Manager

With a very keen technical and commercial eye, he makes sure that Lumina always remains on the track of success.


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